Terms of sale

Article 1 - General

These terms of sale are concluded between:

On the one hand, the Communauté d'Université Côte d'Azur, a public establishment of a scientific, cultural and professional nature, whose registered office is located at Grand Château, 28 avenue Valrose, B.P. 2135, NICE (06103 - Cedex 2)

SIREN No: 130 020 894  N° SIRET : 130 020 894 00015

Hereafter referred to as ‘COMUE UCA’

On the other hand, anyone who wishes to make a purchase or a booking on the "UCA SPORT" website (address: https://sport.univ-cotedazur.fr),

Hereinafter referred to as the ‘Member’ or ‘You.’

You may learn more about these terms of sale on the site.    These terms of sale govern the sale of any service (activities, events) or booking facilities (sports facility or equipment) presented on the ‘UCA SPORT’ website (address: https://sport.univ-cotedazur.fr).  Any purchase of a service or facility booking through this site implies that you accept these terms of sale and the special or specific conditions which may be applicable to one or more orders.  COMMUE UCA reserves the right to amend the terms of sale at any time.   The applicable terms of sale are those in effect on the site on the date the order is confirmed (see Article 9 of these general terms of sale).

Article 2- Registration

Students and staff of the university, honorary members, alumni and retired staff of the university, staff from partner institutions defined on the site and in accordance with the deliberation in effect in the university, are the only persons authorized to perform transactions on the mobile site ‘UCA Sport.’

Article 3 - Types of services

Article -3.1 Characteristics of the services and facilities offered for sale/booking. The facilities and services offered for sale/booking are:

- Paying for sport subscriptions for staff members;

- Physical activities and sports  

- Activity cards (tennis, weight training and tennis & weight training); 

- Events;

- Sports facilities (only by booking)

- Sports equipment (only by booking) 

All of these services and facilities are described and presented as accurately as possible on the ‘UCA Sport’ website. Photos and illustrations are provided as pictorial descriptions of activities, events, facilities or equipment to illustrate the text and have no contractual value.
Article 3.2 The availability of activities, events, facilities or equipment offered for sale or available to book.

The activities, events, premises or equipment offered for sale or available to book on the ‘UCA SPORT’ site are available subject to the handling capacity, and the availability of equipment and facilities.  The availability as well as the handling capacity of the facilities and services are specified on the website, under each description of activity, event, facility or equipment. 

Article 4 - Distance selling and cooling off period

Under the terms of Articles L221-16 of the French Consumer Code, you are entitled to a cooling off period of fourteen (14) full days as from the date of registration for your membership, during which you can cancel your subscription without giving a reason. If the fourteenth (14th) day falls on a weekend or public holiday, the cooling off period will expire at the end of the first following working day.   This cooling off period only applies to members who have paid their membership fee on the UCA Sport website (address: https://sport.univ-cotedazur.fr).  If you decide to make use of your cooling off period and the service, which is the subject of your purchase, has not been used during this fourteen (14) day period, a full refund will be issued. If services have been used during this fourteen (14) day period, UCA may reserve the right to retain part of the membership fee paid in proportion to the number of times the services have been used (i.e. from the moment the membership is activated until the date of cancellation, including any registration fees). The refund will be processed via the same payment method.  UCA undertakes to refund members within one month.
To cancel your membership during the cooling off period, you should send a message via the contact tab on the UCA Sport website, and include the following information: I hereby notify you of my decision to cancel the contract for the following services:

Joined on: 

Member’(s) name(s)

Member’(s) date of birth

Member’(s) address:

Date :

Article 5 - Medical Certificate

Members are requested to produce a medical certificate stating that they are physically fit.  You state that your health is such that you can practice the different sports offered by UCA Sport and more specifically that you can use the services, facilities and sports equipment after having familiarised yourself with the health, safety and operating instructions.  In addition, you state that you do not have any heart or respiratory disease and/or any injury or physical incapacity that would prevent you from practising the activities and services covered by these terms of sale.  If you suffer from epileptic seizures or other diseases likely to complicate the intervention of medical and emergency teams, you must expressly inform ‘UCA Sport.’ You state that you have been informed and know of the risks associated with practising the sports activities offered.   In any event, ‘UCA Sport’ is not exempt from its obligations to inform and advise.

Article 6 - Membership fees

The fees displayed on the ‘UCA Sport’ website are indicated in euros (€), and are inclusive of VAT. COMUE UCA reserves the right to modify the fees at any time, it being understood that the fees displayed on the website on the day you make your purchase or booking will be the only ones that apply. Confirming your purchase implies that you fully and completely accept the fees for the relevant service.  You must pay the full fee when you order a service online.  You may only enjoy the facilities or services offered once the full fee has been collected by the University.

Article 6.1 - Membership to ‘UCA Sport’

Students enrolled in an initial higher education undergraduate course pay €90 to the Campus and Student Life Contribution (CVEC) prior to registration. Scholarship students are exempt from this contribution. All the students enrolled for an undergraduate degree therefore have access to these student services including sports activities, free of charge once the CVEC payment has been validated (prior to enrolling in the university).  UCA allows people other than students studying for their first degree to access the available sports activities, based on the terms described below.  The different types of membership (CVEC, membership cards) give access to a range of team and individual sports, subject to availability, including outdoor, aquatic, mountain or snow sports, as well as indoor or outdoor team sports organised and supervised by professionals.

User  Card Type Fee

UCA Students

Sports card

€90 paid on enrolment (CVEC)

UNS/UCA staff Sports card

€60 Sports card

Honorary members*, retired staff, university alumni and free auditors Card 3 activities from a pre-defined list €150
Partners     Non-priority users  €105

*Honorary member: Persons whom the university acknowledges that special link exists with the sports service following a vote in the Sports Council *Partners: Staff from OCA and EPST UNS partners (CNRS, INSERM, INRA, INRIA, IRD)

Article 6.2 - Optional paid activities

‘UCA Sport’ provides optional paid services to all members regardless of their type of membership. Students may be given priority for some of these services.  In such cases, they are specified and the fees set out on the site and in the appendix to these terms of sale.

Article 7– Cards

The Student/Staff/Other Authorized Persons Card is an access card that you must keep on you. It is nominative and non-transferable. It is valid for the entire membership period, unless it is lost or damaged, in which case it will be replaced at your expense.  You must show the Card. If you cannot show your Card, you may be refused entry to the event, facility or equipment.

Article 8 - Free entry to facilities

On showing a valid student/staff/other authorized persons card, members can take part in range of activities on all of the UCA campuses and facilities.  To access the activities, you must have pre-booked via the internet site, as described in the article below.   

Article 9 - Booking procedures

Article 9.1 Ordering

An order covers all the steps, from selecting, confirming the items in the cart and paying, performed by any member on the internet site and exclusively for their personal use.

Article - 9.1.1 How to place an order

Members are requested to place an order with COMUE UCA on line on the website or via the ‘UCA Sport’ application (address: https://sport.univ-cotedazur.fr). If that is not possible, you can also pay in cash or by check at a sports office.  No order sent to COMUE UCA by fax or post will be considered.  If you are interested in an activity, event, a sports facility or equipment which can be found on the UCA Sport site, please take the following steps in order to place an order. 

STEP 1: 

To place any order from COMUE UCA, you first need to open a Member Account on the UCA Sport website. You can open a Member Account if you:

- either have a membership status (students, staff, staff of partner institutions, which can be found via your login details of your institution), - Or by asking the UCA Sport administrators to open an account, which may or may not be approved on a discretionary basis for alumni, retired staff members of the university and honorary members.* *See Article 6.1

Members undertake not to disclose the login details for their account to third parties.  COMUE UCA cannot be held liable for any act performed via or on a Member Account by a third party to whom you have disclosed your login details, or who obtained access to the login details or Member Account as a result of a breach or negligence attributable to you.

STEP 2: 

After selecting an order cart, you must check it (e.g.: name and quantity of activities selected, corresponding fees) and possibly correct the contents of the cart, before clicking on confirm.

STEP 3  

You must make your payment in accordance with the terms set out in these terms of sale. 

Article - 9.1.2 Registering the order

After you have paid for the order, COMUE UCA will acknowledge receipt of payment, by sending you an invoice containing the order references and a detailed summary (number, date, payment method, activities purchased) which you will find in Member Account settings.

Article - 9.2. General Provisions  

All the data provided and the recorded order are proof of the transaction. The confirmation is equivalent to you signing and accepting the order. In all cases, the order confirmation, equates to signing and accepting all operations carried out on the site.

Article - 10 Payment terms

Article - 10.1. Order payment

Whenever possible, individual orders should be paid on the UCA Sport internet site using a bank card.   If that is not possible, you can pay in cash or by check at the sports office.  You must provide your confidential payment data (card number, expiry date and cryptogram).  Finally, confirm your order by clicking on ‘confirm.’ By confirming, both parties are irrevocably bound by the contract.

Article - 10.2. Secured payments

Payments made on the UCA Sport site are completely secure.  COMUE UCA uses Paybox®, the secure payment platform, which guarantees the use of the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption process to protect all confidential payment data (credit card number, expiry date and cryptogram), disclosed by members when they place an order. 

Article - 11 Cancelling orders 

Article - 11.1. Orders cancelled by members

You can cancel an order by unsubscribing from the activity on the site.  For paid activities or events, we ask that you inform the activity or event manager by email as soon as possible.  Please make sure that you fulfil all the criteria for taking part in an activity before paying.  If you cancel an activity, you are not entitled to any refund from the University.

Article - 11.2. Orders cancelled by the University     

If the University cancels an order, you will be notified as soon as possible.  If the order did not require a fee, the University will not issue any compensation. For fee-based orders, a credit note for the order amount will be valid for the current academic year (from September to July).  You must claim it immediately after the cancellation from a UCA Sport office. COMUE UCA reserves the right to ban a member who misses more than 3 consecutive supervised slots for an activity without informing the University. In this case, the member will not be entitled to any compensation.

Article - 12 Liability of the University

The proposed events and activities conform to current French legislation. The supervisors are qualified professionals and the university is insured for such events and activities.   Photographs are provided for information purposes only. Please refer to the description of each activity to find out more about their characteristics. 

COMUE UCA is only responsible for the content of the pages it publishes.

Article - 13 Intellectual property and the COMUE UCA trademark

All elements (texts, images, photographs, comments, illustrations, works, sounds, etc.) reproduced, represented or published on the ‘UCA Sport’ website (address: https://sport.univ-cotedazur.fr) are the exclusive property of the University, and all copyrights and intellectual property are strictly reserved.

Consequently, any reproduction or representation, any use or provision to third parties, in whole or in part, whatever the medium, of the ‘UCA Sport’ website (address: https://sport.univ-cotedazur.fr), or of all or part of the elements found on this site, is strictly prohibited.

No one is therefore authorised to reproduce, exploit, redisseminate or use all or part of the elements on the site for any reason whatsoever.

Any simple link or hypertext link is forbidden without obtaining prior agreement from COMUE UCA (which can be requested by e-mail: dvu@univ-cotedazur.fr).  

Article - 14 Personal data protection

It is necessary to collect personal data in order to manage your order and the commercial relations maintained with the University.   The services and orders can be subject to automated processing, for management, performance, processing and payment purposes. 

In accordance with the French Data Processing Act n° 78-17 of January 6, 1978, each member is entitled to access, rectify and oppose the use of their own personal data. 

If you wish to exercise this right, you should use one of the following methods:

- Send a letter at the following address:

Direction de la Vie Universitaire 5 avenue François Mitterand 06 300 NICE
- Send an email to the following address: dvu@univ-cotedazur

The request must in every case include your surname(s), first name(s), postal and/or valid e-mail address. It must be accompanied by a photocopy of an identity document bearing your signature (in PDF file if sent by e-mail), and specify the postal or e-mail address to which the reply should be sent.
COMUE UCA will then reply to you within 2 months of receiving the request.

Article - 15 Mediation - Dispute settlement 

These terms of sale are governed by French law.

The language of these general terms is French on the French site and English for the version of the site translated into English.  

In the event of a dispute or complaint, you should first contact COMUE UCA in order to reach an amicable solution.  

In the absence of an amicable settlement, the dispute or claim will be submitted to the competent French court, by the first party to take action.