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Intellectual Property

All the content on this Internet site is covered by French and international legislation on intellectual property. The texts, images, photographs, sound sequences and videos published on the site are protected by intellectual property rights and are the property of UCA SPORT.


Any reproduction for advertising or commercial purposes is excluded.
Reproducing all or part of this site, either on paper or digitally, is authorized provided that it is strictly reserved for personal use, and complies with the provisions of Article L122-5 of the Intellectual Property Code. 
Reproducing all or part of this site digitally is authorized, provided that the term ‘all rights reserved’ is added to the source ( Nevertheless, this authorisation does not apply to pornographic, xenophobic or controversial sites, or to sites whose morals may offend the sensibilities of the majority.  
Reproducing a hard copy of all or part of this site is authorized provided that all the data is fully reproduced (i.e. nothing is removed or modified), that no charge is made for dissemination and provided that the site, is specifically mentioned as the source, along with adding the wording that reproduction rights are reserved and limited.
Breaching one or more of these exploitation rights represents an infringement which may make the offender liable for civil or criminal charges. 


The site, UCA SPORT authorises any other internet site or digital medium to quote it or provide a hyperlink to its home page or one of the pages on the site (, provided that the access to the pages containing such links to the UCA sports portal are free and that the documents are fully and completely reproduced.  
UCA reserves the right to ask to remove a hyperlink which it considers does not comply with its editorial policy. 
Insofar as UCA SPORT cannot control these external sites and sources, the existence of such hyperlinks between the site and third-party sites does not mean that UCA SPORT is in any way responsible for their content or their use.


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Cookies do not identify the user but are used to facilitate browsing across the site, registration procedures and audience metrics.
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Personal data protection

By virtue of the legal obligations relating to the Act of 6 August 2004 on the protection of individuals with regard to processing their personal data, personal information is strictly confidential and may not be transferred to third parties without the user's knowledge. The data transferred on the site, in particular via the contact form or for the newsletter, is neither disclosed nor used for purposes not intended by the user of the site.

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